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„With a smart change of our website header at, we increased the number of enthusiastic travellers by + 21 %, who now get their airplane tickets at great prices.“

Ing. Jiri Spolek

Ing. Jiri Spolek

founder of, lecturer

Say Wow

a new, revolutionary and complex service, truly needed today
to increase website revenue


Based on the knowledge of the human brain

from 12.400+ studies (of applied neuroscience, behavioral economics and cognitive psychology) — a scientific basis for the breakthrough results of my website



Thanks to multivariate testing of websites

with MVT testing of up to 100,000 variants or 16 separate improvements of my website with the possibility of controlling the impact of each of the improvements individually (from 5 improvements above the service is under development)


Utilisation of advanced improvements

revolutionary changes of the website, scripts, plugins and other technically demanding improvements that are otherwise impossible to test (with standard testing tools or without an army of professionals)


From analysis to permanent deployment

a complex package of the optimization process, from initial assessment to final declaration of changes for permanent deployment (in selected cases, including the deployment itself)

With unlimited users and duration

within the fair approach policy — up to half a million users and up to 6 months for one A/B or multivariate test (or more after an individual arrangement)

  Best price for A/B and multivariate testing

in comparison with other tools of similar type (when comparing the number of users and the duration of an average Increver test)

  I don't need other conversion optimization experts

get comprehensive know-how in conversion rate optimization (CRO), validated on 76.4+ million users and 1078+ A/B tests

  Track website revenue increases in addition to increases in conversions

see the exact impact on revenue, changes in the average order size; even individually for each device type!

Testing improvements „across the website“

„multi-page“ tests in which the change of the website (e.g. a color of a certain type of buttons) takes place at all pages simultaneously

Sequential testing of user processes  

testing of changes in page order or omission of a certain step (e.g. a pop-up window after adding a product to the cart); After individual arrangement.

Possibility to access the source data from the test

get raw data from testing for further use (only upon individual agreement in case of large tests)

„Thanks to Increver and a single button tweak, we have increased the click through rate to our Czech liberal party ‚Svobodní' donation form by +59 %. We are working on further improvements.“

Ing.Petr Mach, Ph.D.

Ing. Petr Mach, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Party

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